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Feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis? This easy trick can stop HMRC trousering too much of your hard earned cash.

Most UK workers earning a salary believe that HMRC check their tax every year to ensure it is right.
If you receive a tax computation from HMRC it usually incudes this line of text; "Each year we check everyone's tax position to see if the correct amount of income tax was paid."
In fact HMRC never asks workers about some of the expenses they have that can reduce their tax bills. We have testing obtained from HMRC that indicates less than 25% of taxpayers are receiving the benefit of the correct tax allowances in their pay.
For this reason most British workers overpay tax every year via PAYE, as HMRC can deduct what they like from your wages. We estimate that two thirds of people working in ordinary jobs have overpaid tax in the last 5 years.
When all allowances are taken into account we estimate that as many as 24 million PAYE taxpayers may lose on average £25 per year to HMRC in overpaid tax. In total this means that HMRC benefit to the tune of £600 million every year from taxpayers not claiming their allowances before the 4 year claim deadline.
The worst thing about this is, based on our estimations, HMRC pocket £600 million of your tax every year. This is because HMRC can keep any tax you have overpaid if you don't ask them for it back within 4 years.
The good thing is you can still claim back what you have overpaid over the last 4 years now. You can also get most allowances added to your tax code so you don't overpay in the future.
The things you can claim for vary depending on your job. If you enter your job title in the calculator at the top of this page we can give you a quick FREE estimate of your refund. You can also go on and claim it back in less than 2 minutes.
TaxRefund.Co.UK have already claimed refunds for over 500,000 UK taxpayers and we can help you claim too.
All you have to do is enter a few basic details to get the no-obligation estimate and claim.
It's so easy to claim through our quick calculator, you can do it now in less than 2 minutes. Don't miss out, get your claim in now!

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What our customers are saying

15 Aug 2022 - 16:04 by William Churchill
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