Christmas came early for nurse Sam with a £575 tax rebate


Christmas came early for staff nurse Sam Elliott when he claimed tax back through Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate. Sam was so shocked at the size of the cheque that arrived after he put in a claim through Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate that he had to check the amount was correct!

We assured Sam that yes he was, in fact, entitled to the £575.

“I claimed for my uniform, professional journals and essential shoes,” explained Sam. “I didn’t even realise I could claim a tax rebate for them but my sister – who is a ward sister in Kettering – told me about claiming and directed me to the site. When I got the cheque and saw the amount I really thought there must be some mistake!”

“I did the sensible thing with the rebate cheque and put it towards paying the bills.”

Sam’s whole family is involved in healthcare so when he set out on a career path he decided to do something completely different and went into the hospitality trade. He was working as a hotel receptionist when the 7/7 London bombings changed his life.

“The bus exploded near the hotel in Tavistock Square and I found myself rushing to help. We set up a first aid station in the hotel lobby. That prompted me to apply to be a nurse. I knew then it was exactly what I wanted to do and I started studying.”

Sam went on to specialise, joining the liver transplant team at The Royal Free Hospital, and he is now a junior charge nurse on the day care unit.

Just as his sister pointed him towards Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate, he has done the same with his colleagues. Many of them have also applied and received rebates too.

“The claim process was quick and efficient,” said Sam. “Also, it was easy to contact Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate with queries and everyone I dealt with was very nice and very professional. It made the whole process simple.”