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Martin Lewis, financial guru, highlighted on his TV show how many UK workers could be due an easy tax break. In fact there are 7 factors we have identified, if any apply to you, it's worth checking if you are due a refund. You can get FREE personal estimate by entering your job title on this page.

  1. You Worked During COVID

In the tax years to April 2021 and April 2022 HMRC loosened the criteria for claiming for PAYE taxpayers.

If you worked from home for one day in either of those years because of COVID you can claim an allowance. Those allowances are typically worth between £60 and £240 per taxpayer.

You can claim if you had to work from home for one day in the year because of COVID. This could be if your normal workplace was closed or if you had to self isolate.

You don't need to provide any receipts or proof, you can self certify and claim.

  1. You Wear A Uniform At Work

HMRC has long recognised that you incur extra costs if you have to wash your work uniform at home. With electricity costs soaring the cost of doing your wash is also going up so now is the time claim this.

You don't need to provide any proof of cost or receipts, HMRC has a standard allowance for this, based on your job.

If you enter your job title into the calculator we can check this.

It's not only for jobs you might associate with wearing a uniform, such as nurses or firemen. You can a claim if you have to wear anything with your employer's name and logo on it, even a T-Shirt. Workers who have to wear safety gear such as hi-viz jackets or tabards can also claim, even if they don't have logos.

The amount you can claim back varies depending on your circumstances and your job. The range is from £12 per year to nearly £500 per year. So it's important to get the right advice so you don't miss out on a bigger refund.

  1. You Are Married

There is a fantastic tax break if for married couples. You can claim on the same basis if you are in a civil partnership and it can be worth up to £1,250 over the last 5 years.

There are number of criteria based on yours a and your spouse's circumstances. We can do a simple check if you enter your job title into the box on this page.

  1. You Work In Healthcare Or Education

Healthcare workers and teachers are some of the groups most likely to be paying too much tax. There are several things you could be claiming for, depending on your job. We can do a quick test here if you tell us your job title.

  1. You Haven't Had A P800 From HMRC

HMRC should do an annual check to see if your employer has deducted the right amount of tax. This check usually runs between April and November. If you haven't received a P800 tax computation from HMRC in any tax year, HMRC may not have done this check for that year. If you enter a claim with us we can make sure HMRC runs a manual check on your tax calculation.

Finding a refund by this route is less common but the refund could run into thousands.

  1. You Pay Subscriptions To A Union Or Professional Body

Many UK workers pay subscriptions to trade unions, professional bodies or workplace regulators. These is a list of over 4,000 bodies you can claim tax relief on.

This usually depends on your job and we do a quick check to see if you can claim if you enter your job title.

  1. You Work From Home

Outside of COVID you can still claim for your household bills if you have to work from home. The criteria are much stricter but you can backdate the allowance 5 years.

If you want to apply for the period outside COVID you have to be required to work from home. This means if you have a hybrid working arrangement and you chose to work from home you cannot claim.

Typically this would only apply if your employer had no office at all or had no provision for you work there. Another reason might be if you lived a really long way away from your employer's premises.

You still don't need to ask for receipts but HMRC may be more likely to challenge any claim not during COVID.

If you don't meet those criteria you will probably still be eligible in the 2 COVID tax years 2021 and 2022.

The things you can claim for vary depending on your job. If you enter your job title in the calculator at the top of this page we can give you a quick FREE estimate of your refund. You can also go on and claim it back in less than 2 minutes.
TaxRefund.Co.UK have already claimed refunds for over 500,000 UK taxpayers and we can help you claim too.
All you have to do is enter a few basic details to get the no-obligation estimate and claim.
It's so easy to claim through our quick calculator, you can do it now in less than 2 minutes. Don't miss out, get your claim in now!

What our customers are saying

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