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Which healthcare workers could claim a tax rebate?

Anybody that works in the NHS or for a private healthcare provider could be due a tax refund for expenses from their job, including nurses, midwives, and paramedics. This can be down to wearing a uniform at work, paying registration fees such as to the NMC, HCPC or GPhC, or membership fees from the RCN or Unison.

Thousands of workers in the healthcare sector miss out every year because they have failed to claim the tax relief they are entitled to claim from HMRC, which can add up to hundreds of pounds over the years for each person!

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  • Employees in the healthcare sector are particularly likely to be overpaying tax on their income. This is true of employees both in the NHS and in the private sector. Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate is a service dedicated to claiming tax back for valued healthcare workers.
  • No, all of the reliefs available to NHS workers are also available to workers in the private sector. If you work in private healthcare in any capacity you are just as likely to be entitled to a tax refund.
  • As a part of your claim we will also check if you are entitled to uniform tax relief. This is exactly as if you put in a uniform tax rebate claim.
  • Nurses can typically claim for uniform allowance, shoes and tights, NMC subscriptions, RCN subscriptions and subscriptions to any other specialist nursing body such as the Association of British Paediatric Nurses, the UK MS Specialist Nurses Association and the Neonatal Nurses Association.
  • If you pay an annual registration fee to the HCPC you can claim tax back on the cost. This covers all workers who pay subscriptions to the Health and Care Professions Council regardless of job title.
  • Midwives can also claim uniform tax, tights, socks, shoes and NMC subscriptions. They can also claim for RCM subscriptions and subscriptions to other organisations such as the Association of Radical Midwives.
  • Ambulance staff of all types have the highest uniform tax rate in the healthcare sector. They can also claim for subscriptions to the HCPC.
  • If you work in healthcare you can usually claim tax back on your subsciptions to the Unision union. As a general rule this only applies to workers in a direct healthcare setting and not, for example, administrators in the NHS.
  • Most workers in the the healthcare sector, particularly those who wear a uniform are entitled to some sort of tax refund from HMRC. We can give you a quick estimate of the amount and help you claim.

What our customers are saying

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