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Claim Tax Refunds For Work Uniform & Protective Clothes

If you wear a uniform or protective clothing at work and you have to wash it yourself you may be due a tax refund from HMRC.
If you don't claim it, you'll lose it. According to our statistics, 2 in 3 employees who wear a uniform at work can get a tax rebate.
Use the claim button on this page to get your Uniform Tax Rebate straight away.
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  • If you enter a few details about yourself through our calculator. It's easy to do and you can complete a claim in a few minutes.
  • If you have to wear a uniform or protective clothing for work and you wash it as home you can claim tax relief on that cost. There are many different allowances, depending on your job, some are published by HMRC and some allowances, particularly the higher ones, are not. We can check that you are getting those allowances and if you are due a tax rebate for a number of other things.
  • The largest refund we have obtained to date is £15,986.57, the average amount is around £112. If you would like a no-obligation estimate of the refund based on past refunds for your job you can do a quick check using our refund estimator.
  • It takes a couple of minutes to enter your claim. Once it's been submitted to us it depends on how busy HMRC are, usually it takes them between 4 and 12 weeks to respond to a tax rebate claim. We'll submit your claim to HMRC straight away by courier.
  • The amount you can claim depends on your job and the amounts can vary quite a lot. The minimum annual allowance is £60. If you use our system we will make sure you can claim the maximum allowance you are entitled to.
  • We provide the only official Uniform Tax Rebate forms and you can't receive them anywhere else. You can claim straight away by entering your details.
  • You can backdate your claim to the last previous 4 tax years, you can also claim for completed part of the current tax year. We will get the previous years refunded as a single payment. The rest will be paid in your wages, as will any future tax relief.
  • No, unlike other tax rebate providers we don't hold any authority over your tax affairs and we only recieve any refund due from the previous 4 tax years of your original claim.

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What our customers are saying