UK Healthcare Workers Claim Your FREE Shoes Now!

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TaxRefund.Co.UK are giving away FREE work shoes to UK healthcare workers who complete a tax refund claim. Don't miss out, get yours while stocks last.

NHS and private healthcare workers are owed more tax than any other employment sector in the UK.

HMRC has declared war on PAYE taxpayers in an attempt to claw back COVID19 losses. If you are a regular UK worker you are likely to be affected by new legislation passed in April.

These changes, which come into effect on 6th May 2022, will make it much more difficult for UK workers to claim tax refunds.
We will be submitting tax refund claims on the current legal basis until 3rd May 2022. It is still uncertain about whether we will be able to submit claims beyond that date. Even if claims are possible beyond that date they will likely be much more difficult and expensive than they are now.
• You have 5 years to claim back overpaid tax then it is lost
• If you have been in your job for more than 5 years you have probably already given up money to HMRC
• Allowances for washing your uniform that vary depending on your job
• Some jobs can claim for shoes, socks and tights
• Healthcare workers can claim tax back on Unison subscriptions
• You can also claim for payments to NMC, HCPC, Nursing & Midwifery Council, GPhC, GDC, SSSC, BMA, SoR, IBMS and more..
You can get an instant estimate and apply online now with no difficult paperwork
When you claim you can also get, for a limited time only, a pair of these new shoes from SHNu+ designed to fit the needs of NHS workers.

Don't miss out. Enter a claim now in minutes and get your pair.

What our customers are saying

18 Apr 2022 - 13:04 by William Churchill
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