£400 tax rebate helps new mum


Uniforms were essential for Rebecca Harvey, a care assistant in at Manor House home for the elderly. Her job involved assisting residents with all aspects of their daily life, from getting up in the morning to putting them to bed at night.

“My uniform of tunic and trousers could get very messy. I used to have to wash the uniforms at 60° to kill any bacteria. I couldn’t wash them with my other clothes and had to do a separate wash each time.”

“I came across Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate while searching the Internet. Someone else had mentioned it and I thought I would try. It was really easy. I filled in a form. They sent me the forms to sign. The forms were already filled in. All I had to do was sign and post them back in the envelope provided – a matter of minutes.”

Within a few days, Rebecca received her tax rebate. She was amazed by how quickly it was organized and just how much she had obtained as a result of her three years work in the care home.

“I got £400. I was expecting my first baby and it was really useful. I used the money to pay for all the baby things I needed. I brought nappies, clothes, toiletries, toys and everything needed for my hospital bag.”

Rebecca was impressed by the service provided by Healthcare Worker Tax Rebate and has recommended it to her friends. She believes that several people have obtained their own rebates as a result. Rebecca says, “I would recommend it to anyone.”