Bank Health Care Assistant gets rebate of nearly £200


 Mariahma Hamilton, mother of three and Bank Health Care Assistant, got a nice surprise when checking her inbox - an email that netted her almost £200!

“I had never even heard of Uniform Tax Rebate until I received a companywide email telling me I was entitled to receive money back for maintaining my uniform.”

The healthcare professional, later on that evening, found the website and applied.

“I really liked the website. I found the calculator very easy to use and was shocked when I saw how much money I could claim back. Shortly after doing so I received a letter that said I qualified for a rebate and only three weeks later I received a cheque for £192! Since then I’ve been telling anyone I think it will help, I even told the tellers at my bank!”

Mrs Hamilton has spent a lot of her life looking after people. As well as raising a family, she’s spent the last five years working on a Mental Health Ward mostly caring for the elderly.

“Though it can be a hard job, especially when you’re working the night shift, it’s also a very rewarding one.”

However the Health Care professional has dreams of going further and is currently in her second year of studying to be a nurse. Just recently she finished a ‘community placement.’

“It’s a relatively broad term, it’s where nurses go out into the community to help discharged patients. The work is very varied, one day you may be looking in on someone suffering from dementia another day taking meals to an elderly person with no one to look after them.”

With the money gained from her rebate though she was able to take care of herself a little bit better for a change.

“I spent the money mostly on little personal things that I can’t remember now but I did use some of it to buy myself some comfy work shoes. It might not sound like much but when you’re on your feet for hours on end comfy shoes can be a godsend.”