Which Jobs Can Claim a Uniform Tax Rebate?

 Whatever your profession, if you wear a uniform to work, you might be able to claim tax back on the cost of washing it. You can check out exactly what the rules are and if you’re eligible for a uniform tax rebate to start the process off.

We’ve helped hundreds of people from a huge range of professions to claim tax relief on their uniform. Depending on your job, you may even be able to claim more money back, for example if you require specialist equipment, or pay fees to a union.

We’ve included some specific information on popular professions that we have helped to claim tax relief below:

Cabin Crew

Gambling Workers


Prison Officers

Chefs & Kitchen Workers

Security Workers

Even if your job isn’t listed here, you may be able to receive a uniform tax rebate. Use our tax relief calculator to see what you may be able to claim.