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A well known money saving pundit, speaking on This Morning, issued a warning to everyone who wears a uniform at work. If you have been in your job for 4 years you are apporaching the claim deadline -  Claim now or risk losing the allowance you are due!

The government has long recognised the costs of washing your uniform in the tax system. Unfortunately most uniformed workers are not currently getting what's due to them as reported in the Daily Express. Only 30% of eligible applicants have the allowance in their tax code.

Are you eligible? The basic criteria are:

  • You have to wear a uniform at work
  • It needs to be a recognisable work uniform (a branded T-shirt with your employer's name is enough)
  • Hi-viz and overalls are also eligible, even without logos
  • You have to wash it yourself
  • You can backdate it for up to 5 years
  • You can claim it for past jobs, even if you have left now

Right now key workers are in everybody's thoughts as they deliver vital services. As clothing can spread infection those at risk should be following health guidance on the laundry of uniforms which will incur more cost. You should also ensure you claim the tax allowances due for your job.

Uniform Tax Rebate have already claimed refunds for over 500,000 UK taxpayers and we can help you claim too. If you have been in the job for more than 4 years you need to claim now to avoid missing out as any benefit is lost after 4 years.

The amount due typically depends on your job. We provide a quick free calculator to give to an idea of the amount due before you claim. All you have to do is enter a few basic details to get the no-obligation estimate.

We checked the occupations who we had obtained the most refunds from all of our claims since 2011 and these were the top ten.

Nurse, Care Assistant, Driver, Security, Chef, Sales, Cabin Crew, Police, Paramedic, Factory worker.

Nurses, as a whole, have so far received the most tax refunds claimed from HMRC (totaling over £10 million in nine years), while paramedics and cabin crew receive the largest individual tax refunds.

Any job where you wear a uniform or wear protective clothing could mean you are due a refund. Just use our quick free estimating tool to find out about your job.

It's so easy to claim through our quick calculator, you can do it now in less than 2 minutes. Don't miss out, get your claim in now!

What our customers are saying

16 Dec 2021 - 14:19 by William Churchill
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