WFH Allowance Could Be Axed - Have You Claimed Yours Yet? HMRC Pressure Sunak To Cut Tax Break

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Working From Home Tax Allowance, worth up to £125 a year, which has been supporting many families through COVID 19 is set to be axed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, following pressure from HMRC, according to the Daily Mirror.

The tax break allows workers to claim a rebate for working from home. Even if they only spent a single day away from the office in that tax year.
It began in 2003 to help home workers with gas, heating, internet and other utility bills. But the cost of it has ballooned following government guidance to stay at home.
About 4.9million people claimed the tax break last year, according to HMRC.
There were 13.4 million people working at home on 16th January, according to data from the Office of National Statistics.
So most of the people entitled to this allowance are still yet to claim it.
A Treasury source told The Daily Telegraph: “This is a tax relief that existed before Covid and it was there for legitimate reasons but the take-up is now much higher so it needs to be looked at.”
“The government has started hiking taxes to claw back some of the money it spent on helping us get through the pandemic,” Sarah Coles, money expert at Hargreaves Lansdown told The Mirror.
“It means we should take advantage of any tax relief we can get, and the working from home rebate is a no-brainer if you work for an employer.
“If you’ve been required to work from home at all, and your costs have increased as a result, you can claim for a whole year,” Coles added.
You only need to have worked one day from home to claim the refund. It only applies if you've been told to work from home by your employer, not if you were asked to go out to work, but chose not to.
You don't need to provide receipts or prove your costs have increased but with rising energy prices the cost of working from home is beginning to weigh on many workers.
With the prices of everything rising fast you should take advantage of this tax break right away if you haven't already.
The basics:
  •  Allowance is due if you are REQUIRED to work from home.
  •  The rate is £6 per week, £312 per year.
  •  For the 2020/21 & 2021/22 tax years you can claim for the whole tax year (52 weeks). Even if you only worked at home for one day.
  •  Each taxpayer in the household can claim the allowance as long as they worked from home.

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What our customers are saying

01 Apr 2022 - 12:08 by William Churchill
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