Tracy's £281 Uniform Tax Refund Story



Tracy King, 49, from Portsmouth is a cook at the Morrisons cafe on the Victory Retail Park.

When she saw online that Uniform Tax Rebate could get her money back to help with the washing costs of her uniform, she thought nothing would come of it - until she filled out the forms and received a cheque for £281.08.

And, thanks to her adjusted tax code, she will now get £150 of annual tax relief in future years too.

She said: "When I saw about Uniform Tax Rebate online, I hadn't heard of it before, I didn't even know you could get it.

"I thought it looked good, but at the same time, you think, yeah right, because there are a few companies who do that sort of thing these days.

"But it was really good to get a little bit back for a change - at least you are getting something to help with all the washing you have to do when working in a kitchen.

"You don't think you're likely to get anything back from the tax man, so it was a very nice surprise".

A normal day for Tracy can begin at 6am when she prepares breakfast for the Morrisons customers.

Most days her uniform can get quite messy, because of jobs such as cleaning and emptying the fryers, but, she said, it's important to look your best.

She added: "You get three sets of uniform, but you have to wash your clothes after every shift and look presentable, otherwise, people just wouldn't want to eat there. You have your blouse, apron, trousers and socks to wash and I'm doing a load most days".

Tracy has cooked for people since she left school and her previous role was helping to care for residents with dementia at the Alton Manor Care Home in Southsea.

She said: "It was quite rewarding working there. You got to know what the residents liked to eat and cook them their favourite meals. I used to do Christmas parties and loved mingling and socialising with the residents."

The money she received back in her tax rebate came as a lovely surprise for Tracy and helped her out with paying for food and bills.

She also told three of her colleagues about Uniform Tax Rebate and they too were delighted to receive money back.

She added: "I was really satisfied with the service because it was online and so quick and easy to do. The form was easy to fill out, with simple questions and help if you need it. That's why I recommended it to my colleagues and friends."

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