Pauline's £880 Uniform Tax Refund Story



£880 rebate for Sky adviser

Never was “what’s for you won’t go past you” more true than for former pub landlady Pauline Westwood when she received an £880 rebate from Uniform Tax Rebate.

Pauline, very much a people person, changed career direction and became a face-to-face customer sales advisor for Sky in her local shopping centre, a job she thoroughly enjoys where she finds every day different, enjoying her passion of meeting and working with the members of the public from all walks of life.

Pauline discovered Uniform Tax Rebate on Facebook, and while she enquired principally about her uniform, she found she qualified for a rebate on other items used solely in connection with her work.

“I was actually shocked at how simple the process was. I just had to answer a few simple questions, provide some information about my previous three years’ work and that was it! Next thing I knew, £888 arrived. It was really exciting.”

Pauline used the money to help a friend in need who was struggling financially as a result of cancer, taking the attitude that she could think of no better way of using money she wouldn’t have otherwise had, was it not for Uniform Tax Rebate.

She was so pleased with her own result that she has since recommend it to colleagues at work, where, after overcoming the cynicism that it was possible to “get something for nothing” several of them have also since benefited.

Pauline added, “Initially I thought in my heart-of-hearts that it would all come to nothing, but the staff at Uniform Tax Rebate were wonderful, the process was very easy and then to be able to get something back as a result and help a friend in need made it all worthwhile. I can’t thank them enough really.”

You could claim too by clicking on the link below and entering your details. It only takes 5 minutes to claim.