Security Officer gets £763 rebate and a romantic ending


Security Officer John Ketley, 46, was engaged to partner Rachel for three years before tying the knot with the help of some unexpected cash from Uniform Tax Rebate.

John, who lives in Northumberland and works for ISS Facility Services in Sunderland, decided to find out if he was entitled to a refund on the advice of his sister-in-law.

As a council worker required to wear a uniform, she had already successfully made a claim for a uniform tax rebate and had an inkling John might be due to some money too.

After filling in his details at Uniform Tax Rebate online, John received a letter in the post explaining he was due £763 as an accumulation of his entitlement over the years he had been working at the firm.

He was also able to claim for the cost of his Security Industry Authority Licence, which needs to be renewed every three years.

When the cheque arrived just a few weeks later, John decided to put the money to good use and set a date for the wedding, which took place last summer.

The event was held at the pretty Morpeth registry office nearby and though the weather was typically British, with a little wind and rain, everyone had a great day, especially when it came to the reception. The couple chose to use John’s rebate to pay for the catering, so the guests as well as the couple gained on the big day!

One year on, John and Rachel are still feeling the benefit of John filling in the initial enquiry form, thanks to an extra £40 in his pay packet, which he says comes in handy for paying the bills.

“It’s hard to believe something that only took a few minutes to fill in had such a big impact and is still helping me out. The money I received made a real difference to our wedding day and it was a totally hassle-free process too, I was very impressed.”

We wish John and Rachel every happiness for their future together.

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