Ilona's £146 Uniform Tax Refund Story

In 2006, when Ilona Norkiene, 59 came to Dundonald, Northern Ireland from Lithuanian to work as a crew member for Mc Donalds little did she know that she would stay, permanently.

'I worked as a Restaurant Manager back in Lithuania, but when the place closed, I found myself out of a job. A friend suggested that I come to Northern Ireland to work in Mc Donalds and I have been so happy here that I have stayed.'

Soon after Ilona first arrived, her daughters and grandchildren also relocated from Lithuania. Now all her family live and work close by and for this reason, Ilona now considers Northern Ireland home. In fact, Ilona settled very quickly into her new life. She credits her bosses Neil and Paul with playing a big role in helping her get accustomed to Northern Ireland.

'Everyone I have met is so helpful and kind. When I first arrived here, Neil helped me find a place to live and helped me settle into my job. I have been given opportunities to progress and am now a fully qualified team trainer. What is more, when I became ill last year, my work was so supportive.'

Thankfully, Ilona is now fighting fit and back to enjoying her work, wearing her Mc Donalds uniform with pride.

'I didn't know that I could claim a Uniform Tax Rebate. My friend, Veronika saw the advertisement for when she was on Facebook. She entered my details on the website and requested a claim form for me. The form arrived within a couple of days. I filled it in and sent it off right away. I was so surprised and absolutely delighted when I received a cheque for £146.39. I really didn't expect so much.'

When she isn't working, Ilona loves to grow flowers - both indoors and in her garden. With her Uniform Tax Rebate she treated herself to some new perfume and some new blooms - a treat for the nose and the eyes.

She says, with a smile, ' I would like to say a big thank you to Uniform Tax Rebate. I have recommended their service to others. It seems to me that not many people know that they can claim for their uniform. I certainly didn't. Now I have made sure that everyone at work knows about Uniform Tax Rebate and I have told my family and friends too.'

Blooming Marvellous!

You could claim too by clicking on the link below and entering your details. It only takes 5 minutes to claim.