Derek's £60 Uniform Tax Refund Story

As a patrol officer looking after two outdoor car parks Derek Haro needs a variety of clothing, especially for cold and wet weather, so he was delighted to receive a cheque for £60 through Uniform Tax Rebate for his uniform laundry bills.

“I was on the internet and saw a link to the Uniform Tax Rebate site and I put in a claim,” said Derek, from Kilmarnock in Scotland. “The process was easy. I had no problems at all. I got more than I expected; it was brilliant. I’ve recommended Uniform Tax Rebate to my colleagues.”

Derek has been a patrol officer for four and half years, having worked in warehousing before that.

“I look after two outdoor car parks used by shoppers and businesses,” he said. “You meet all different types of people and the job is not just about making sure everything is safe. I’m always giving directions to customers and I’ve even changed tyres for them!”

Derek is a football fan – he supports the local team – and loves cycling.  He used his rebate cheque to take his partner and his son out for a nice meal.