Important Information About Uniform Hygiene

The government has recognised hygiene is critical in reducing the transmission of infections.

Most germs can survive on fabrics for some time. Normal washing of clothes will reduce the risk of germs spreading. Germs can spread between items in the laundry process.

NHS advice states uniforms can be "high risk items" in the spread of infection such as coronavirus.

Sectors singled out as high risk are:

  • Healthcare
  • Food Preparation
  • Agriculture

You should wash high risk items at 60C with a bleach-based product. At the current time you may also want to wash your uniform more often and separate it from other laundry items.

HMRC have given tax allowances for some time to help with the laundry and upkeep of work uniform.

Allowances vary from £60 to £1,022 per year depending on the job. Workers in healthcare sector have allowances of between £80 and £185 per year. We can help you claim these allowances.

Most of these allowances have not increased since 2008. Washing at 60C uses more electricity and costs more than a 40C wash. Separating high risk items also requires extra washing cycles.

We ask the government to increase these allowances now to reflect the costs to key workers. Please sign the petition below so it can be debated in parliament.

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02 Apr 2020 - 13:26 by William Churchill
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