Tax Refunds For Vehicle Tax in the UK

If you own a car, you have to pay road tax on the vehicle. When you pay this, you receive a tax disc which needs to be displayed on the car. And if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle, or the last registered keeper you are eligible for a tax rebate on the vehicle in certain circumstances.

If your vehicle has been sold, transferred to a new owner, scrapped or sold to s scrap yard, exported outside of the UK, stolen, taken off the road (also known as SORN: Statutory Off Road Notification), or re-taxed to a nil value tax class (such as disabled car user), then you will be able to claim a tax refund on any tax that has been overpaid. You would need to post your tax refund application before the 1st day of the month that you’re claiming the refund for.

You will need to send your tax refund application to the DVLA, however you must ensure that you state the reason for the reclaim otherwise they may reject your application.

The reasons that you may be reclaiming tax, are that you can only buy tax for 6 or 12 months. So if, for example, you bought a car, paid 12 months of tax and then sold the car after 3 months, you’d be able to claim a refund for tax from the other 9 months that you overpaid. If you are transferring your car to Northern Ireland however or vice versa, you don’t need to claim a refund as your tax disc on the car will still be valid.

Applying For a Tax Refund

You will normally need to send your tax disc back to the DVLA in order to claim a refund, although if the car is stolen you won’t need the tax disc for obvious reasons.

To reclaim your tax with a tax disc, you need to obtain a V14 form from the DVLA. The form is for ‘A Refund of Vehicle Tax When You Have A Tax Disc’. You can download the form from the DVLA website or can pick up a paper copy at the Post Office.

If you don’t have the tax disc, you must use the V33 form: ‘A Refund For Vehicle Tax When The Tax Disc Is Missing’. You can only have one of these forms issued to you by calling the DVLA or by picking one up from your local DVLA office. If you don’t have the tax disc because the vehicle is stolen, you have to confirm the crime reference number to the DVLA before they will issue a refund for the tax. TheV33 form has a section for this type of tax refund claim.

You have to wait at least 7 days after the car was stolen before DVLA will accept a V33 tax refund application. This is because many cars are recovered within a short time of the crime taking place. You should claim your refund as soon as possible in order to ensure that it is issued to you quickly.

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